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The Fluid Lock
Our Flagship Product

The Garage Gear Fluid Lock is a vehicle fluid sample tray that compares proper auto fluid health with an auto's current fluid health using our snap lock design. This tool will help improve automotive health, and boost auto fluid sales.

The 4x4 Fluid Lock

The Garage Gear 4x4 Fluid Lock, identical in design to the Standard Fluid Lock, is designed to sample the bottom fluids of a four-wheel drive vehicle. 

Fluid Droppers

Getting to each of your vehicle's fluids under the hood can prove challenging. Make it simple with this easy to use, disposable fluid droppers! (Sold in sets of 1,000)

Counter Card Advertisement

Used to build customer awareness, this counter card includes a fluid sample tray process description, a QR code tagged to an information video, and a photo of the Fluid Lock including a "free fluid sample" tagline. 

Auto Shop Kit

Supply your garage with our catered Auto Shop Kit!

Enough to supply a 1-2 bay auto shop, each kit includes: 

5 Standard Fluid Lock Trays

5 4x4 Fluid Lock Trays 

5 100 Piece Fluid Dropper Packs

1 Counter Card

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