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Our Flagship Product-

The Fluid Lock  

Sample Tray

As a mechanic, approaching customers to buy more of your shop’s products and services can be tough. You’re smart enough to know an at risk fluid when you see it. How do you convince your customer it’s time for a change?


Skip the uncomfortable sales pitch and get your hands on the Garage Gear Fluid Lock Sample Tray. Sample the car’s fluids, place them into the Fluid Tray, and compare them using the healthy new fluid colors on the tray. Seeing the differences in color prepares your customer to hear about the importance of fluid changes, and helps build your credibility as a technician.

Fluid Sample Tray
      Durable design

Finally, fluid sales made easy! Made from tough polypropylene plastics, this sample tray is both durable and chemical resistant. Each reusable tray includes a molded-in graphic with high resolution photos indicating new fluid color.  The fillable dimples need only a few sample drops and are easy to clean and ready for multi-use. At low cost and ease of use, this tray is sure to increase overall automotive health and oil sales.

      Snap Down Window

A pivoting clear lid with snap down capability seals tight to keep fluid samples from leaking, while also clearly displaying fluid sample color. A small space is available at the top of the window and can be used to distinguish multiple customer's Sample Trays by using a dry erase marker. 

      Simple to Store


Each tray is equipped with a strong utility hanger and can easily be hung on a storage hook while not in use.  Additionally, these trays are designed to be stacked on top of each other for simple storage. 

      4x4 Version

The typical sample tray will include a spot for Motor Oil, Transmission Fluid, Antifreeze, Power Steering Fluid, and Brake Fluid. The 4x4 version will accommodate 4-wheel drive and manual vehicles that require additional samples including: Front Differential Gear Oil, Transfer Case Fluid, GM Trak II, Rear Differential Gear Oil, and Clutch Fluid. 

How to Use the Fluid Lock

The idea behind the Fluid Lock Sample Tray is to open a door for mechanics and technicians to talk about fluid changes with customers. There is an affective way to use the tray to indicate fluid conditions without uncomfortably trying to sell a fluid change to a car owner. 

We offer a few training materials to help with customer education, how to use a fluid sample tray, and a few tricks to approaching customers.

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