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Who We Are

Inspired by our beloved uncle and friend, Jeff Heaton, H&S Garage Gear is a family business that brings over 20 years of professional design experience and 30 years of work in the automotive service industry to a company dedicated to bringing innovative products to autos and auto lovers all over the world. 

What We Do

Our vision is to introduce dozens of fresh new products meant to help aid in the automotive service industry. With the tools to do so, we are constantly seeking new ideas and looking for feedback from those who are experienced in the industry. If you are in need of a useful product, or have a good idea to solve a common problem, please let us know!

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      Rich Smith


Owner and Operations Manager, Rich has worked for over 20 years in industrial design creatingmany successful products, including years of experience in product management. 

      Kale Smith


Son of Rich Smith, Kale works as the sales manager and company marketing strategist with experience in sales and a University background in advertising.

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